The definitive guide to how connectivity is reshaping consumers, connections, content and commerce.

Seeking to succeed and grow in the post-digital world needs a strategy that answers four essential questions: How connected is my audience? How should I reach them? What do they want from my brand? And how can I turn that into commercial opportunity? Connected Life is our unique and in-depth global study that provides these answers.

Connected Life uses comprehensive analysis of how connectivity changes people’s behaviour across 56 different markets, to address the big challenges for marketers. It does so by looking in detail at consumers, connections, content and commerce, providing the strategic guidance needed to keep, engage and influence the people that matter.

Consumers: How connected is my target?

Understanding people today means understanding how connected they are, and the impact this has on the media they consume, the brands they hear about, and what they decide to buy. To segment and target effectively, businesses need a single view of their audience across all of the touchpoints that they use. Only through such a single view can you build connected and coherent brand journeys that deliver emotional consistency through the right experiences at the right moments.

Connected Life provides guidance on the devices different target audiences own, when and what they use them for, and how open they are to engagement through different platforms. It offers a valuable perspective on the customer journeys that connect different touchpoints together, to help segment audiences effectively on digital platforms.

Connections: How do I reach them?

As ad blocking advances and people push back against one-dimensional behavioural targeting, businesses need a more meaningful and more relevant approach to planning their digital activities. Connected Life can help find the most relevant touchpoints with activity footprints, levels of interaction with online video and different social platforms, and the best combination of channels to deploy in order to reach different groups effectively.

Content: What content needs and platforms should I target?

How can businesses increase their influence on social media without “stalking” and frustrating the very people they need to influence? The answer lies in a clear understanding of those people’s appetite for content and experiences on different platforms.

Connected Life provides vital insight on the different experiences that people seek through their digital touchpoints – and the role they are prepared to give brands in providing them. It 

Commerce: How do I activate against connected commerce opportunities?

What’s the real eCommerce opportunity for a specific category and audience? How can businesses profitably disrupt rather than be disrupted? And how can engagement on digital platforms be most effectively translated into sales, revenues and bottom-line growth? These are some of the most important questions that businesses should be asking themselves – and for many, the answers are frustratingly difficult to pin down.

Connected Life helps to cut through the hype that often surrounds digital innovation, and identify the level of eCommerce growth and the drivers of disruption amongst key audiences. 



Geographic reach 

The study covers 70,000 consumers from 56 markets around the world. Content media consumption, device infrastructure, digital activities, purchase (online and offline), respondent profiles, brand engagement touchpoints, online customer service, drivers of eCommerce, deep dive into social networks, attitudes to and preference for online brand engagement. 



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